Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service Lexington and Paris KY

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service Lexington and Paris KY

Wood floors are an investment in your home. And just like with carpet they need to be properly maintained so they can last for decades to come. Their welcoming warmth and will always be in style.

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning Process:

1. Thorough inspection of your floor to look for potential trouble areas.
2. Vacuum floor to remove dust and large loose particles.
3. Deep clean your floor using specialized equipment and cleaning solutions. The powerful equipment loosens embedded dirt and residue trapped deep within the finish of your floor. It is then removed with a high powered vacuum.
4. A detailed hand cleaning follows in order to reach edges and corners.
5. Using neutralizing solution the floor is cleaned a second time to give the best shine possible. This also helps the floor stay cleaner longer.
6. Then we inspect the floor and discuss results with the homeowner.

We also offer a Hardwood Finish Refresher that adds an extra layer of finish protection to enhance the sheen and beauty of your floors.

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