Water Damage Extraction Lexington and Paris KY

Water Damage Extraction Lexington and Paris KYSupreme Carpet Care proudly serves Lexington, Paris and all of Central Kentucky. Time is of the essence when a broken water pipe, washing machine, bathtub or flood affects your home. The water soaks into the drywall, wood and insulation. This ruins the materials and can weaken your home’s frame. Mold growth resulting from the moisture is destructive and can be harmful to your health.

Carpeting is not the only flooring affected by water. Wood floors can warp and crack. Concrete flooring is porous; heaving and cracking can destroy a house’s foundation. Tiles can pop up from the underlayment, crack and break. The resulting damages can run into the thousands of dollars.

Insurance companies insist customers do everything possible to mitigate damages after a flood. This may mean hiring a water extraction service before the adjuster arrives. Most insurance companies, once notified of the situation, will cover the entire bill less the deductible.

Getting the water out and you back into your home is our goal. The longer you have to stay in a hotel is money out of your pocket. We will not say the job is complete until it is done to your satisfaction.

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